The Grand Hotel Toblach

At the entrance to the Höhlenstein Valley there is an impressive building: the Grand Hotel Toblach. The edifice was erected by the Südbahngesellschaft, the Austrian Southern Railway Company – in the hope that it would attract more passengers to the new railroad line. It was the year 1878.

The building, which was continuously expanded over the years, once attracted an elite clientele from all over the world to the Puster Valley. But after decades of prosperity it also experienced difficult times, for example during the two world wars.
As a consequence, the Grand Hotel Toblach was used for various purposes before the large complex was finally extensively renovated and reconfigured in the 1990s. Where 100 years ago prominent and well-heeled guests were relaxing, a center for culture, music, nature and recreation was now created. 
Das Grand Hotel Toblach, Foto: Optic Rapid Karin Steiner