Gustav Mahler Music Weeks

From 1908 to 1910 Gustav Mahler has spent his summer vacation in Dobbiaco and composed his last three orchestral works here. In his honor, the Gustav Mahler Music Weeks have been held annually since 1981, since 1999 they are held at the Grand Hotel Cultural Center. The festival offers orchestral and chamber concerts with well-known artists, exhibitions, and lectures on Mahler's work and world. 
Der Gustav Mahler Saal
Gustav Mahler Music Weeks are a small ambitious and internationally recognized music festival in Mahler's summer landscape, the Dolomites. It is dedicated to Gustav Mahler's tradition and his work, and is a meeting place for Mahler's music, scholarship and discography.

15.07 – 29.07.2023

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Musikwochen in memoriam Gustav Mahler

Alma und Gustav Mahler
„Im Herzen einer Landschaft, die seine Eingebung beflügelte, scheint uns Mahler einzuladen, tiefer in die musikalische Landschaft einzudringen, die er in sich trug.“  
(Henry-Louis de la Grange) 


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